An Introduction to Orthodontics
ISBN : 9780199594719
Editör : Laura Mitchell
Yayın : Oxford University Press
Baskı Yılı : 2013
Sayfa Sayısı : 304
Temin Süresi :
ISBN : 9780199594719 Kategori :


Popular with students, lecturers, and practitioners, An Introduction to Orthodontics,Fourth Edition is a perfect starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the theoretical and practical aspects of orthodontics. An Introduction to Orthodontics is an established reference text, and now with the addition of several new features it is an ideal revision tool.

This textbook is highly illustrated throughout, including over 700 diagrams, clinical photographs and illustrated case studies that show the long-term planning and progress of orthodontic treatment. Each chapter is enhanced by learning objectives, key points boxes, annotated references, and directions to relevant Cochrane reviews. The text has a user-friendly design to ensure that content is clear and accessible for deep study or quick reference.

Thoroughly updated and now in its fourth edition, An iIntroduction to Orthodonticsmaintains its position as the essential reference and revision text in the field.



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