Basic Biostatistics & Research Methodology
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Editör :      Mustafa Ş. Şenocak
Editör :    Mustafa Ş. Şenocak
Baskı Yılı :    2014
Sayfa Sayısı :   192
Temin Süresi :  Hemen Teslim


The importance of Biostatistics has grown over time and is now an indispensable tool in medical research. In fact each valuable medical study requires its scientific hypothesis to be confirmed by appropriate biostatistical analysis. This also requi- res the close collaboration of medical researchers with biostatisticians to produce high quality research. If the researcher has already some fundamental concepts on the fields of methodology and biostatistics, this will increase the efficiency of that collaboration, facilitates the process of research and raises the value of the study. Beyond this basic partnership, medical professionals need to understand the methodological and biostatistical terms and concepts of medical publications they are interested in.
As the founder of a biostatistic department, the author of many biostatistic books and with more than 30 years of experience in that field, I think I know the boun- daries of this requirement and this book was prepared to meet the need.
Actual and important key issues were mentioned as detailed as possible, more advanced concepts are shorty reviewed whereas some specific topics are not in the contents of this book – see my books in Turkish !! –
I’m a “francophone” thus I think that I have made a lot of errors in English, ad- ditionally, for some reasons, the book was prepared as quickly as possible even in a disarray. I hope the readers will be tolerant to problems arising from these inconveniences.
I wish the book will be useful to medical research staff, to the students and to others who are interested, in their first step in biostatistics.
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ş. Şenocak


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