Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology 5th Edition
ISBN : 9781455758388
Editör : Richard J. Johnson
Yayın : Elsevier
Baskı Yılı : 2015
Sayfa Sayısı : 1296
Temin Süresi :
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Handle the toughest clinical challenges with Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology. The world’s leading authorities in the field, Drs. Richard J. Johnson, John Feehally, Jürgen Floege and a team of international experts have meticulously updated this fifth edition to continue to provide the level of expert information that readers rely on from this classic reference.


Key Features

The right amount of basic science and practical clinical guidance assists in making efficient and informed decisions.
Extensive updates on key topics keep you at the forefront of the field.

New to this Edition

New chapters on glomerulonephritis associated with complement disorders, interventional treatments for hypertension, renal disease and cancer, and epidemiology and prognostic impact of acute kidney injury.
Over 1,500 color illustrations highlight key topics and detail pathogenesis for a full range of kidney conditions and clinical management.

Hundreds of color coded algorithms promote quick reference and to help you retain concepts.

Over 400 NEW self-assessment questions and fully searchable text available online at ExpertConsult.


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