Pediatric Thoracic Surgery
ISBN : 9781848009028
Editör : D.H. Parikh
Yayın : Springer
Baskı Yılı : 2009
Sayfa Sayısı : 616
Temin Süresi :
ISBN : 9781848009028 Kategori : ,


This text covers new innovations and concepts in pediatric thoracic surgery practice, basic science and evidence, and the technical aspects of common and rare operative procedures.

It is essential for pediatric surgical trainees and consultants with interest in pediatric thoracic surgery. Providing comprehensive coverage of newer developments, it is also a useful reference work for pediatric and thoracic surgeons and a valuable guide for surgeons (adult or pediatric) managing pediatric thoracic surgery on occasional basis or only during acute emergency.Covering the subjects within pediatric thoracic surgery (non-cardiac) in significant depth, this book acts as a reference text for consultants undertaking pediatric thoracic work as well as for pediatric respiratory, anesthetists and fetal medicine doctors. Topics within this book will also be of interest to pediatric respiratory physicians and pediatric oncologists.



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