Physiology at a Glance, 4th Edition
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Editör :      Jeremy P. T. Ward, Roger W. A. Linden
Editör :    Jeremy P. T. Ward, Roger W. A. Linden
Baskı Yılı :    2017 
Sayfa Sayısı :   168 
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Extensively revised and updated, this fourth edition of Physiology at a Glance continues to provide a thorough introduction to human physiology, covering a wealth of topics in a comprehensive yet succinct manner.

This concise guide breaks this often complex subject down into its core components, dealing with structures of the body from the cellular level to composite systems. New to this edition are three chapters on cell signalling, thermoregulation, and altitude and aerospace physiology, as well as a glossary of terms to aid medical, dental, health science and biomedical students at all levels of their training.

Featuring clear, full-colour illustrations, memorable data tables, and easy-to-read text, Physiology at a Glance is ideal as both a revision guide and as a resource to assist basic understanding of key concepts.


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