Schwartz's Principles of Surgery ABSITE and Board Review
ISBN : 9780071838917
Editör : Dana K. Anderson
Yayın : McGraw-Hill
Baskı Yılı : 2016
Sayfa Sayısı : 372
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The only review based on the field’s cornerstone text: Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery, Tenth Edition

“It will be particularly helpful to those in general surgery training programs, to general surgeons facing their board exams or recertification exams, and to all those subspecialty trained surgeons who must first qualify in general surgery and maintain their certification….This is a really high-quality review book.”–Doody’s Review Service (reviewing earlier edition)

The premiere Q&A book in surgery returns for a tenth edition, featuring updated chapters corresponding directly to the classic Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery, Tenth Edition. This powerful review gives you more than 1,000 board-style questions likely to appear on the American Board of Surgery in-training exam and the surgery board exam.

Developed by some of the top minds in modern surgery, Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery ABSITE and Board Review, 10th edition, provides the most current, authoritative perspectives on surgical practice. Each question is accompanied by answers and comprehension-building rationales, ensuring your complete understanding of the material. This beautifully illustrated text is truly the ultimate resource to assist in your certification and recertification exam review.

Here’s why this the single-best ABSITE and board review:

· Chapters keyed to Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery, Tenth Edition so you know you’re studying only relevant, applicable material from the most authoritative source possible

1000+ board-style questions with answers and rationales
Questions were carefully selected for their likelihood of appearing on the exams
Content aligns with the current ABSITE format

There no better way to add the authority, timeliness, reliability of Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery than this powerful, high-yield study guide.


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