The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations: The Endocrine System 2nd Edition
ISBN : 9781416063889
Editör : William F. Young
Yayın : Elsevier
Baskı Yılı : 2011
Sayfa Sayısı : 256
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The long-awaited update of The Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations is now becoming a reality! Master artist-physician, Carlos Machado, and other top medical illustrators have teamed-up with medical experts to make the classic Netter “green books” a reliable effective current-day reference. The first three volumes to be released will be:

The Reproductive System

The Endocrine System

The Respiratory System

See www.NetterReference.com/greenbooks for more information.


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Key Features

Access rare illustrations in one convenient source from the only Netter work devoted specifically to the endocrine system.
Get a complete overview of the endocrine system through multidisciplinary coverage of endocrinology as a whole.
Gain a quick understanding of complex topics from a concise text-atlas format that provides a context bridge between primary and specialized medicine.
New to this Edition

Apply a visual approach-with the classic Netter art, updated illustrations, new artwork and modern imaging-to normal and abnormal endocrine gland function and the clinical presentation patients with endocrine disorders.
Clearly see the connection between basic and clinical sciences with an integrated overview of normal structure and function as it relates to pathologic conditions.
Delve into updated text of new author and editor, William F. Young, Jr., MD., that illuminates and expands on the illustrated concepts.
Benefit from the perspectives of an international advisory board for content that reflects the current global consensus.


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